Op-Ed: Three Pa. bills to give parents more control over their kids’ education

haken by our lack of options to have a voice in our children’s education, we’ve been stirred to action, as school board protests nationally show.

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Op-Ed: Covid didn’t “break” parents

Few things are more sickening than the realization that something you disagree with will happen to your child and there is nothing you can do about it.

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Op-Ed: A lawyer made COVID policy for Bucks County schools

Bucks County public education officials chose to ignore local health authorities and instead followed a well-connected lawyer.

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Op-Ed: Schools shouldn’t be political battlegrounds. Let’s make peace through educational choice

School choice policies allow some of the funding used to educate a child to follow that child to the family’s school of choice.

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Op-Ed: Pa. lawmakers can end educational chaos by passing HB 1

Educational choice policies like those in the Excellent Education for all Act (House Bill 1) empower parents.

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Op-Ed: While progressive leaders eat cake, their constituents suffer

A picture is worth a thousand words — maybe even 300,000, which was the dollar cost for a table at the Met Gala this year.

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Op-Ed: Climate Change Regulations in Pennsylvania: No Discernable Benefits

What happens next in Pennsylvania’s legal and legislative battles over proposed climate change regulations will largely depend on who controls the narrative about carbon dioxide emissions and their impact.

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Op-Ed: Main Line Madness

Parents across the country are engaging with their schools’ embrace of critical racial pedagogy, but in progressive locales like Lower Merion, pushback requires organization and cooperation among those who want the best for their kids.

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Op-Ed: Back-to-School Season in Pennsylvania Defined by Conflict

Amid new and recycled policies surrounding the COVID-19 Delta variant, batteles with local public school bureaucracies are intensifying. 

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Op-Ed: Climate Regulations Reach Critical Turning Point in Pennsylvania

September is shaping up to be a critical month for the future of carbon taxes and other anti-carbon measures that have drawn bipartisan opposition in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

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