shapiro energy proposal

Shapiro’s energy proposals threaten affordable, reliable energy in Pa.

Originally published in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

In his op-ed “My commonsense plan for a new era of energy leadership in Pa.” (April 2, TribLive), Gov. Josh Shapiro claims, “Doing nothing is not an option.” However, his energy proposals are solutions in search of a problem that will do nothing but harm Pennsylvania’s energy industry and raise energy costs.

Shapiro’s Pennsylvania Climate Emissions Reduction (PACER) is a carbon copy of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Like RGGI, PACER will impose a carbon tax, forcing energy producers to raise their rates. Carbon tax revenues will partially fund consumer rebates to mitigate rising energy costs. PACER robs Peter to pay Paul’s utility bill.

PACER also punishes an industry that has already reduced its carbon footprint. The Independent Fiscal Office recently released data demonstrating that Pennsylvania has reduced emissions while expanding power generation.

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