Pennsylvanians deserve fairness under the law in their government and workplace—not corruption and coercion. We work to expose and eliminate special interests' unfair privileges and defend the rights of each taxpayer, voter, worker, and resident.

People enjoy the highest quality of life when they are not dependent on the government. We stand by policies that empower vulnerable Pennsylvanians to move from dependency to self-sufficiency by incentivizing work and removing obstacles to gainful employment for all people.

Children thrive in learning environments suited to their needs, not those dictated by their zip codes. We advocate for expanded education options for all children and to restore parental choice so that every family, regardless of income level, can get an excellent education—one that fits their needs.

Families, business owners, and job-seekers plant roots in states that foster economic growth. We have defeated billions of dollars in tax hikes and continue to champion fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget. With the right economic policy, Pennsylvania has the potential to serve as an example to other states as a beacon of opportunity.