Shapiro’s Carbon Tax Plan Is Unnecessary, Unpopular and Harmful

Originally published in Real Clear Pennsylvania.

Governor Josh Shapiro announced this month that he plans to implement what he calls the Pennsylvania Climate Emissions Reduction (PACER) Initiative, a “cap-and-trade” program that would tax carbon-emitting businesses. The tax scheme is both unpopular with voters and loaded with painful consequences for businesses and residents alike.

PACER is also strikingly similar to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a multi-state carbon cap-and-trade pact that Gov. Tom Wolf had previous tried and failed to unilaterally implement here in Pennsylvania. A Commonwealth Court ruled that RGGI is an illegal tax last November. PACER is merely a Shapiro rebrand of RGGI.

Shapiro nevertheless says that PACER aligns with his administration’s three key priorities for any new energy initiatives: (1) protect and create energy jobs, (2) reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and (3) ensure reliable, affordable energy for consumers.

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