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Gov’t Unions Took Over Michigan. Now They’re Eyeing PA

Originally published at RealClearPennsylvania

During the 2021–22 election cycle, an obstinately pro-government union majority took over Michigan’s state government after the four largest public employee unions spent $2.6 million to elect politicians of their choice. And the union-backed majority has launched an attack on Michigan workers and taxpayers in the 15-months since.

Before the union takeover, Michigan law prohibited the use of public resources to help unions collect dues. Now, taxpayers are paying for the collection of union dues and contributions to union political funds. Michigan lawmakers also expanded the number of employee groups eligible for collective bargaining, meaning that taxpayers will subsidize those additional collective bargaining costs.

Bad as this is for taxpayers, the union-backed legislators have made things even worse for workers. A new law requires government employers to provide unions with employees’ personal contact information within 30 days of hiring. Employers must update and resubmit this information every 90 days. Unions are thus given free rein to inundate workers with political or other material whether it is wanted or not.

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