Charles Mitchell Charles Mitchell President & CEO
Nathan Benefield Nathan Benefield Vice President & COO
Jennifer Stefano Jennifer Stefano Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer
Stephen Bloom Stephen Bloom Vice President
John Bouder John Bouder Director of Communications
Eric Heidenreich Eric Heidenreich Director of Operations
Lenny McAllister Lenny McAllister Director of Western Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Stelle Elizabeth Stelle Director of Policy Analysis
Andrew Abramczyk Andrew Abramczyk Senior Policy Analyst
Jane Arnold Jane Arnold Office Administrator
Jessica Barnett Jessica Barnett Manager of Policy Research
Andrew Cuff Andrew Cuff Senior Writer & Researcher
Tirzah Duren Tirzah Duren Policy Analyst
Savanna Faith Cornibe Savanna Faith Cornibe Government Affairs Manager
Catherine Fitzhugh Snyder Catherine Fitzhugh Snyder Entrepreneur Engagement Manager
Kevin Kane Kevin Kane Entrepreneur Engagement Coordinator, Western PA
Marc LeBlond Marc LeBlond Senior Policy Analyst
Jordan Pine Jordan Pine Operations Coordinator
Alena X. Ricci Alena X. Ricci Development Coordinator
Dawn Toguchi Dawn Toguchi Senior Marketing Specialist
Michael Torres Michael Torres Senior Communications Officer
Dennise Zimmerman Dennise Zimmerman Executive Assistant & Contributions Manager

Senior Fellows