Savanna Faith Cornibe

Savanna Faith Cornibe

Government Affairs Manager

Savanna Faith Cornibe is the Government Affairs Manager at the Commonwealth Foundation.

Savanna Faith holds a MA in Government from Regent University with a concentration in American Government. While obtaining her degree, she worked full-time as the administrative records coordinator for the dean’s office in the university’s School of Education. She completed her undergraduate work at the Mississippi University for Women where she majored in communications with a minor in political science. She was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa International Alumni Honor Society.

Savanna Faith began working at the Commonwealth Foundation as an intern in 2014 and soon after joined fulltime. She has been part of its incredible growth and reach. She is eager to see the next phase!

Before the Commonwealth Foundation, Savanna Faith worked on Capitol Hill as a lobbyist for the Traditional Values Coalition, volunteered for multiple political campaigns and non-profits, and served as both host and producer of a local Christian TV show in the Nashville, Tennessee area. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame in Recognition of Valuable Contributions to Mississippi University for Women and received the VSCC James “Jim” C. Moore Award for Service To Community and Family. She has travelled to and served in numerous countries and loves learning about different cultures.

The Commonwealth Foundation’s positive impact inspires and gratifies her. The issues closest to Savanna Faith’s heart are Criminal Justice Reform and School Choice. She loves connecting with leaders and staffers in the Capitol, especially about these vital issues. She values the relationships formed and views her colleagues as family. Savanna Faith is thrilled to be part of a team invested in freedom and prosperity for all Pennsylvanians.

She treasures life with her husband, their two sons, and kitty. Her youngest son is a medical miracle and a joy to care for, including his special needs. They reside in the Harrisburg area.