Elizabeth Stelle

Elizabeth Stelle is a is the Director of Policy Analysis for the Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives.

Elizabeth has researched and written on government reform, health care, welfare, energy, and government transparency. Her work has been featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Patriot-News, Philadelphia Inquirer and a variety of radio and television programs throughout the commonwealth. Elizabeth is a graduate of Grove City College where she earned a bachelor's degree in history.

A native of Ohio, Elizabeth makes her home in the Pittsburgh area with her husband and daughter. She enjoys swimming, traveling to historic landmarks and exploring the moral foundations of capitalism.

Recent Research

Recent Blog Posts

The Trouble with Medicaid Expansion

FEBRUARY 1, 2016

posted by JAMES PAUL, ELIZABETH STELLE | 03:45 PM | Comments

PPA Picks Cartels over Consumers

JANUARY 29, 2016

posted by ELIZABETH STELLE, NATHAN BENEFIELD | 04:08 PM | Comments

Fiscal Code Protects Kids and Jobs

JANUARY 12, 2016

posted by NATHAN BENEFIELD, ELIZABETH STELLE | 04:32 PM | Comments

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