energy regulation prices

Too much regulation raises energy prices too high

Originally published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

On average, electric bills for Pennsylvanians are up 73 percent since 2020. The increases range from 55% in east (for PECO customers) to 100% in central Pennsylvania (for PPL customers). Natural gas prices have seen dramatic spikes. With two-thirds of our commonwealth’s homes heated by natural gas, it’s no surprise Pennsylvanians’ heating bills are way up.

Our lower-income families are disproportionately more at risk of missing payments. Aid is available, but it’s not enough to outweigh price increases.

When our commonwealth is the number two exporter of energy in the nation and second only to Texas in natural gas production, why do so many in Pennsylvania need help to pay their energy bills? When the state sits on one of the largest and cleanest reliable energy sources ever discovered?

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