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Pa. Travelers’ Guide: Summer Gasoline Prices

  • Pennsylvania’s June average gasoline price was higher than all its neighbor states except New York.
  • While Pennsylvania’s gasoline price has decreased from its 2022 record high, the long-term picture shows an average price—up 84 cents a gallon since 2019—constantly above the national average.[1]
    • Pennsylvania’s Independence Day average gasoline price for regular unleaded was $3.67, 15 cents above the national average of $3.52.[2]
  • The commonwealth has the third-highest gasoline tax nationwide at a staggering 57.6 cents per gallon (cpg).[3]
  • High gasoline prices will, no doubt, impact Pennsylvanians and tourists visiting the Keystone State this summer.

Pennsylvania Ranks High on Gasoline Prices

  • In June, Pennsylvania had the second-highest average gasoline price among bordering states, just four cents shy of New York’s.[4]
  • Pennsylvania levies the nation’s third-highest gasoline tax at 57.6 cpg. This rate has remained steady since 2018 except for 2023, when rapid inflation temporarily increased it to 61.1 cpg.[5]
  • The commonwealth has a ten-year history of gasoline prices higher than the national average. Pennsylvania’s highest recorded average gasoline price was $5.07 in June 2022.[6]
    • Declines since the 2022 historical high aside, Pennsylvania’s average gasoline price increased from approximately $2.80 in June 2019 to $3.64 in June 2024 (an 84-cent hike).[7]
  • Why are gasoline prices so high?
    • Taxes: Federal and state taxes account for 14 percent of gasoline prices.[8]
    • Regulations: Stricter state regulations and fuel standards result in higher gasoline prices.[9]
    • Mass Transit Subsidies: In Pennsylvania, millions of dollars are diverted from driver fees and gasoline taxes to mass transit every year.[10] Drivers are subsidizing alternative forms of transportation, putting more pressure on gasoline taxes to generate revenue for roads.


  • Pennsylvania gasoline prices remain high despite price decreases from 2022 because the state levies the third-highest tax in the nation.
  • States with lower gasoline prices are more attractive to summer travelers on road trips. High taxes could negatively impact the commonwealth’s tourist economy.
  • Pennsylvania lawmakers should end subsidies to mass transit systems that redirect driver fees and other transportation funding from roads so they can lower the gasoline tax.

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