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UAW Ain’t Nothin’ Compared to Public Sector Unions

Originally published at Townhall

For the media and union executives, the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike against automotive plants in Missouri, Ohio, and Michigan is the gift that keeps on giving. A strike of this magnitude becomes a constant churn of news and opinion pieces on two main fronts. Some stories center around the dramatic risks workers take to get their “fair share,” while others focus on the “biggest ever” or “record” demands made by aggressive union executives. Either way makes unions look important and makes union leaders look like power brokers. 

But the impact of UAW’s strike is nothing compared to the economic damage government union executives are doing with public sector unions.

The UAW strike started with 13,000 of the Big Three’s 146,000 American auto workers, with later walkouts in other states involving 5,600 more. Even if the strike lasts as long as one month, some economists estimate a 0.2 percent impact on gross domestic product growth (GDP).

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