“The private sector mentality… is to fail fast and fail often and as we fail more regularly and more boldly it puts us in this position or this posture of trying to uncover things that are true, that no one else has uncovered and to get there you have to uncover a lot of things that are false. But it’s worth the effort.” – Evan Baehr, Episode 1.

“Voters are voting with the feet and taking their wallet to Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina even California and to some extent Arizona.” – Travis Brown, Episode 2

“It’s inequitable. It’s inefficient. And the return on investment is often extremely weak.” – Jared Walczak on high tax rates coupled with corporate welfare, Episode 3.

Charter schools, “are public schools that are operate outside of the school district infrastructure…They’re given a degree of autonomy and freedom in exchange for accountability.” – Nina Rees, Episode 4