Supreme Court’s Obamacare Case Could Open Door to Real Healthcare Solutions

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Supreme Court’s Obamacare Case Could Open Door to Real Healthcare Solutions

Lawmakers Can Spare Pennsylvanians from Obamacare Regulations, Mandates, and Taxes

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Governor Wolf and Pennsylvania lawmakers may get the chance to avoid costly, stringent, and unnecessary federal regulations on the healthcare industry. Arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court today could be the start of Obamacare’s undoing—presenting opportunities for patient-centered healthcare reforms that lowers costs and give patients greater choice and control.

“The Affordable Care Act is failing Pennsylvania families,” commented Elizabeth Stelle, director of policy analysis for the Commonwealth Foundation. “Rather than saving $2,500 in premiums every year as President Obama repeatedly promised, the average Pennsylvania family in the individual market has seen their premiums increase by nearly 8 percent.”

Later today, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case challenging the Internal Revenue Service’s authority to offer insurance subsidies on federal exchanges. In the original text of the healthcare legislation, subsidies could only be allotted if the plan was purchased “through an Exchange established by the State under Section 1311.” But when many states, like Pennsylvania, refrained from creating their own exchanges, the IRS took it upon itself to essentially rewrite this portion of the law and enable subsidies through the federal exchange. 

Stelle continued:

“If federal subsidies are ruled unconstitutional, Governor Wolf and the General Assembly should resist plans to create a state exchange. Pennsylvania will gain no meaningful flexibility from administering the exchange, but doing so will add long-term costs to the commonwealth’s already bleak budget future.

“Instead of creating new bureaucracies that further entrench the failed Affordable Care Act, lawmakers should exempt Pennsylvanians from Obamacare’s insurance regulations and take back their authority over insurance regulations.”

Elizabeth Stelle is available for comment on how the Supreme Court case could affect Pennsylvania. Please use the below contact information to schedule an interview.


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