• JULY 23, 2015

    Wolf Truth Squad: The Dirty Dozen

    Larger than his income tax increase, larger than his sales tax rate increase, and more than triple the estimated $1 billion energy tax—a dubious estimate—is Gov. Wolf's plan to tax more than 45 goods and services. Here are the "dirty dozen"—the 12 categories that would generate the most new tax revenue in Wolf's sales tax scheme by 2016-17. 

  • JULY 14, 2015

    Wolf Wrong About Pensions & Downgrades

    Gov. Tom Wolf has defended his veto of pension reform, noting that rating agencies have been downgrading Pennsylvania's bond rating. His veto of SB 1, ironically, kills a pension reform measure that ratings agencies like, while his proposal—$3 billion in new state debt via pension obligation bonds—has been panned by rating agencies.

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