Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014

Which blog posts were the most popular in 2014? We count them down, as chosen by you, the reader.

5.) Video: Government Unions’ Political Power Cycle

How do government union leaders use their unfair political advantage to promote bad policies? Our short video explains.

4.) Fact: Taxpayer Resources Are Being Used for Politics

One of the biggest myths used to oppose paycheck protection is the claim “union dues money can’t be used for politics.” We provide the union’s own evidence to the contrary.

3.) Union Members Support Paycheck Protection

Alternate title: The Survey No Union Leader Wanted to Read. But the truth is that union members themselves support an end to taxpayer-funded collection of union dues and campaign contributions.

2.) 7 Little-Known Facts on Pennsylvania Public School Spending

For years, teachers unions claimed Gov. Corbett cut $1 billion from schools. But the real story is more complicated. We shine a light on the facts about PA public school spending.

1.) The $1 Billion Lie Exposed

Union leaders should know that it’s wrong to lie about education funding. But they did it anyway, using teachers’ dues for newspaper ads across the state. We corrected the lie in our own ad—and it’s 2014’s most popular blog post.