The Gift of Work

Red kettles, canned food drives, Toys for Tots—the holidays are a time when private charity shines. But have you ever wondered about the best way to help the poor?

Ron Kratofil, CEO and President of Goodwill Keystone Area, argues the opportunity to learn on the job is the best gift the poor can receive anytime of the year. “What most people really want in life is an opportunity to earn their own way forward.” Goodwill’s founder put it this way, “The best social program ever created by God or man is a job.”

Ron discusses the type of help that has a lasting effect in our latest BOX podcast. Along the way, Ron shares some suprising facts about the well-known charity. For instance, profits from the businesses they operate, such as their thrift stores and shredding service, account for 80 percent of the organization’s income. And just one year of vocational training can add $250,000 to a family’s lifetime earnings.

Listen to Ron’s uplifting story below.

Learn more about the many job opportunities Goodwill offers here.

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