We’re Not There Yet!

We’ve all fought long and hard for Pennsylvania to finally enter the 21st century and end government control of alcohol sales. We’ve never been closer, but we’re not there yet.

Liquor privatization now rests with the Senate, and we must let them know that we want full privatization, not half measures. Time is running out and alternatives have been raised that would fail to end the government monopoly on alcohol sales.

Pennsylvanians want real privatization—in a poll released this week 52 percent of likely voters said that privatizing retail alcohol sales but keeping the government wholesale monopoly is insufficient (only 18 percent said it was sufficient).

The time is now. Tell Harrisburg you support full privatization of alcohol sales!

  1. Click here to send your Senator a quick message.
  2. Call and email Senate leaders and members of the Law & Justice Committee. Contact information below:

Senate leaders:

Sen. Joseph Scarnati, III
Sen. Dominic Pileggi
Sen. Patrick Browne

Senate Law and Justice Committee:

Sen. Charles McIlhinney, Jr.

Sen. Jim Ferlo

Sen. Richard Alloway, II

Sen. Edwin Erickson

Sen. John Rafferty, Jr.

Sen. Donald White

Sen. Gene Yaw

Sen. Wayne Fontana

Sen. Christine Tartaglione

Sen. Anthony Williams

I urge you to pick up the phone, send messages, and share this alert with your friends today.