Are You a Bootlegger?

If you’ve ever bought alcohol in other states and brought it back into Pennsylvania to drink, you’re a bootlegger. You’ve broken a state law….but you’re certainly not alone.

As a new video from Pennsylvania’s National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) illustrates, droves of Pennsylvanians cross the border to buy their booze to get the price and selection they want.

The video is part of NFIB’s new “Main Street Does it Better” campaign, demonstrating firsthand why private companies should sell wine and spirits in Pennsylvania, instead of the outdated and inefficient government monopoly currently in place.

Ending the state-run monopoly will unleash millions of dollars in new business investment, create thousands of new jobs across the state and keep revenue in Pennsylvania by ending the need for residents to bootleg wine and spirits across state lines to get the price and selection they want.

Join the fight to bring Pennsylvania’s liquor laws into the 21st century! Let your Senator know you support liquor store privatization.