Liquor Liberty Victory!

Last night, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives made history, and we were a part of it! Yesterday marked the first time a vote for liquor store privatization was held, let alone passed, in the 80 years since Prohibition!  Where other legislatures and governors came up short, the efforts of Commonwealth Foundation were recognized by the Governor, Lt. Governor and House Leaders as a critical and necessary part of last night’s success.

We applaud the members of the House of Representatives that voted yes for liquor liberty on HB 790. We also applaud and thank YOU – the citizen activists of Pennsylvania – who sent thousands of letters, emails, and calls into your legislators’ offices. It worked.  We were heard.  And we can relish the results today!

However, while we celebrate an historic victory, the war for liquor liberty is not over.  The Senate will now take up liquor privatization legislation and, just like in the House, they need to hear from you—the citizens of Pennsylvania. 

You can be assured that the government unions who profit from the government-run monopoly will be taking their lobbying efforts to the Senate now.  Indeed, some of the same folks who gave us the pay raise, Turnpike cronyism, higher taxes, and increased debt are now lobbying on the unions’ behalf. This is who we’re up against, but we can win!

So as you take time to enjoy the victory, I’d ask you to also do three things:

  1. Thank your local representatives that voted for liquor liberty.
  2. Send an email to your senator, urging support for liquor privatization.
  3. Celebrate!