Voice for School Choice finds New Site

HARRISBURG, PA  | The Commonwealth Foundation launched today the Stand Strong Senator project in response to the wave of aggressive and special interest lobbying led by the Pennsylvania State Education Association against school choice and Senate Bill 1. 

“The in-boxes of our senators have been jammed with form e-mails and town hall meetings stacked with confrontational activists in an effort to smother the voices of parents, children and taxpayers,” said Commonwealth Foundation President Matthew Brouillette, a former teacher and charter school board member. “At a time when parents are desperately reaching for a lifeline to escape failing schools, we cannot allow their cries for help to be drowned out by selfish special interests who will stop at nothing to keep the status quo.”

The free-market, non-partisan think-tank created www.standstrongsenator.com so parents and taxpayers can find the facts on school choice as well as send personal messages to senators, sign a petition and participate in grassroots action on behalf of school choice.

“We want senators who’ve been under special interest fire to know that when they choose the courageous, moral path on school choice, we’ll support them,”  said former state representative and Commonwealth Foundation Senior Fellow Jeff Coleman. “While the other side is conducting a case study in legislative bullying, the tone and substance of our message is one of encouragement to do the right thing for the children and taxpayers.” 


The Commonwealth Foundation (CommonwealthFoundation.org) is Pennsylvania’s independent think tank committed to the principles of the American Founding: limited constitutional government, personal and economic freedom, and individual responsibility.