School Choice and Polling

Yesterday, a slew of acronym organizations who want more taxpayer funding for public schools released yet another survey they commissioned trying to undermine school choice.  (This survey contradicts previous polls conducted by Pulse Opinion Strategies and by Muhlenberg College, both of which find a majority of voters support school voucher programs, along with scholarship tax credits.)

Collectively, these organizations receive tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds from school districts (more than $59 million, with 20 percent of districts, including Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, not yet responding). 

It is clear the interests these groups are bringing to bear, and it isn’t the interest of children.

Lawmakers shouldn’t listen to special interest groups, nor blindly follow polls.  They should enact school choice because of the benefits to students, parents, and taxpayers.

School choice improves student test scores, graduation rates, and parental satisfactionSchool choice improves public schools through competition and it saves taxpayers money. Most importantly, it helps kids escape from some of Pennsylvania’s worst performing and violent public schools. In schools like Philadelphia’s Thomas Fitzsimons Academy, there are 12.3 violent attacks per 100 students, and 78 percent of students score below grade level. Students need the opportunity to escape from these underperforming and dangerous schools.

Here are some additional resources about school choice.