Stimulus 5.0

President Obama has proposed yet another round of stimulus spending. Of course, he won’t call it a “stimulus,” because of how unpopular that has become. Others are, erroneously, calling it a second or third stimulus — but, at the least, it should be labeled Stimulus Number Five.

First there was the 2008 Bush stimulus, then the 2009 stimulus, the 2010 “jobs bill” and finally, the 2010 state aid bill.

Of course, this was on top of the 2008 financial bailouts, the run-up in spending under President Bush, and, here in Pennsylvania, Gov. Rendell’s economic stimulus.

One would be hard pressed to suggest all of this has been great for job growth, or even to name a time when more spending stimulated the economy, but there are those who think Bush was an economic genius and Obama is wise to continue his legacy.