Win PennFuture Junk!

Over on the home page Commonwealth Foundation has responded to PennFuture’s allegations of “serious errors” in our report, “PennFuture’s Lobbying: Hypocritical, Unethical and Possibly Illegal.” PF president Jan Jarrett (and her lawyer) seemed particularly irked that we call their lobbying “secret” when they have their IRS tax returns and financial statements posted on their Web site. We called them “secret” because they told the IRS that they had zero ($0.00) in grassroots lobbying expenditures between 2004 and 2007, despite their braggadocio about all the success they’d had getting bills passed, regulations written, etc. We are pretty confident that the IRS did not visit PennFuture’s Web site or read their press releases during those years or else they probably would have said, “hmmm,” and started asking questions before we even began our investigation.

Anyway, Jan also doesn’t seem too happy that we took those tax returns and financials and compiled them in an easy-to-digest report for public consumption. We just wanted to make it simple for you to find all those rent-seeking alternative energy companies’ love for PennFuture, in addition to the support from wealthy leftists like the Heinz Endowments and Energy Foundation. Plus those high-cost Harrisburg and K-Street lobbyists in their camp. And of course those goose eggs next to grassroots lobbying. But don’t forget — PennFuture (and countless other environmental groups in the state capitol) can’t compete with the evil fossil fuel industry!

I see a hot weekend is forecast for Pennsylvania, so it might be a good one for those interested to get under some A/C, peruse those reports PennFuture has posted, and maybe you’ll find some interesting material that we didn’t. After all, Jan says they are not secret so she really wants you to look them over.

If that’s not what you feel like doing this weekend, then she has another idea which she sent out to supporters today in PF’s weekly report:

Here’s a great opportunity for intrepid Session Daze readers. Identify one (or more) of the secret Commonwealth Foundation donors and get a great package of PennFuture swag (umbrella, gym bag, lapel pin, as well as a “Breathe Easy Stay Healthy” flexible flyer, and an energy saving kit from “The Black and Gold City Goes Green”), personally delivered by PennFuture President and CEO Jan Jarrett. 

Send your entries to [email protected], and make sure to include your sources and all your contact information.

An incredible incentive that I’m sure few could pass up, despite the seeming minimal value. If they were really serious you’d think they would come up with prizes worth more than a buck or two, especially since they gave more than $12,000 in gifts to state officials or employees between 2006 and 2009.

But whatever — you’ve got your choices. Maybe you could grab the PennFuture junk and get some Pirates’ box seats in a trade or something. And remember, Jan wants to hear from you at [email protected].