PA Turnpike to Hike Tolls on Cash Payers by 10%

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) announced yesterday that it would be increasing tolls by 10% on cash payers and by 3% on E-Z Pass holders, beginning in January. This follows a 25% increase in Jan. 2009 and a 3% across-the-board increase in Jan. 2010.

From the AP:

The Turnpike Commission voted Tuesday to increase rates 10 percent for cash customers but 3 percent for E-ZPass users, or about two-thirds of all turnpike vehicles.

When the rates take effect Jan. 2, it will be the first time that E-ZPass users will pay less than others.

The turnpike has increased rates seven times in 70 years, including twice in the last year and a half. Tolls rose 3 percent at the start of this year after rising 25 percent in January 2009. The higher fees will produce an estimated $35 million a year.

As part of Act 44 of 2007, the PTC received approval to raise tolls each year – which they forecast would be 3% annually. Gosh, I wish some organization had warned that there was no limit on toll increases, and tolls would be likely to rise faster than projected, due to all the new debt the Turnpike Commission is incurring.