Rendell: Everyone Supports Higher Taxes

At his press conference announcing that the lawyers at the Federal Highway Administration were all less intelligent that his staff, based on their decision to reject I-80 tolls, Gov. Rendell also noted that everyone he talks to when touring the state supports his tax proposals.

Mr. Rendell added that people around the state believe it is a good idea to increase revenues with taxes on major businesses, because “they want big gas to pay its fair share, they want big tobacco to pay its fair share, and they want big retail to pay its fair share.”

What about Big Hollywood?

Perhaps this perception is because Rendell is only talking to folks at staged events, where everyone invited is a lobbyist for higher state spending. Indeed, the public is not even told where the Governor will appear on his latest bus tour.

In contrast, the latest Franklin & Marshall College Poll indicates widespread opposition to all of Rendell’s tax proposals.

Tax Proposal Support Oppose Don’t Know
Natural Gas Tax 35% 49% 16%
I-80 Tolling 49% 44% 7%
Cigar/Tobacco Tax 64% 33% 3%
Sales Tax Expansion 33% 54% 13%
Progressive Income Tax 44% 49% 7%

Likewise, a 2009 NFIB-commissioned poll indicates 62% of Pennsylvanians think taxes are too high (only 1% say too low), and 60% say state spending is too high (compared to 5% who think it is too low).