Who’s Blogging About CF?

Here are some recent updates from various blogs mentioning Commonwealth Foundation, or giving us some good linkage:

  • Redstate notes our call for an independent investigation into Penn State professor Michael Mann’s scientific conduct and highlights a student-led rally at Penn State.
  • Capitol Ideas links to our blog on the looming pension crisis and highlights Matt Brouillette sparring with PennFuture’s president and CEO Jan Jarrett.
  • While Alternative Green Power links PennFuture’s call for CF to apologize to Penn State for questioning their impartiality in an internal investigation into Mann, the Heartland Institute suggests we put Jan Jarrett on our payroll after the recent climate change debate on WITF radio.
  • Tony Phyrillas gave CF the hats off for our fundraising technique and fight against taxes and mentions some of our numbers on PA state debt.
  • Grassrootspa and Bristol Twp. recognized Elizabeth Bryan’s commentary on unemployment compensations.
  • Sights on Pennsylvania agrees with Nathan Benfield’s idea to build a dormitory for legislators instead of using per diems to buy houses. Alex Charyna of PAWaterCooler suggests this is bad idea because it encourages lawmakers to linger in Harrisburg (NB: apparently Alex secretly desires sharing a bunk bed with Daylin Leach).
  • The Mercury‘s blog and PA Guardian underscore our 2010 Budget Facts.
  • Bucks Right says its “obvious” Pennyslvania isn’t very competitve, but is kind enough to quote our blog citing another low ranking of PA’s economy nonetheless.