One rotten Acorn?

GrassrootsPA has a roundup of stories on the Philadelphia man, working with ACORN, who was charged with 108 counts related to forgery and fraud in voter registration.  In the Tribune-Review Story, an ACORN spokesman call it “a case of one bad apple.”

Of course, eating the number of “bad apples” that ACORN has produced would probably be as hazardous to your health as eating an actual acorn.  (NOTE: after further research, my metaphor is flawed, as eating an acorn is not hazardous to your health.  I was thinking of buckeyes, which are poisonous.  Coincidentally, the Buckeye Institute has filed a Rico suit against ACORN).

In related news, the Pennsylvania GOP has launched a new site – aimed at reporting voter fraud.  Right now, there isn’t anything useful on there, but there might be by election day.