SAT Scores by State

EDITORS NOTE: Click here for the 2014 SAT Scores by state

The College Board released their 2008 College Bound Seniors report which details SAT scores. Click here for a spreadsheet of all states’ mean scores.

Scores in Pennsylvania remain stagnant, and PA continues to rank near the bottom of states, both in total and among those with 70% participation or greater (states with low participation rates usually score better, as it is an ACT-dominated state, with only high achieving students takes the SAT).

The Pennsylvania report also indicates that there remains a large achievement gap between Black and White students (and a smaller, but significant, gap between Hispanics and Whites), as well as a gap based on family income. Along with our “real report card“, it is clear our schools are failing to adequately educate all students – but there are proven ways to improve student achievement.