Property Tax Relief?

It’s been three years since the passage of the largest expansion of gambling in Pennsylvania. The people of Pennsylvania were told by Gov. Rendell and the majority of House and Senate members who voted for the legislation that legalizing more than 60,000 slot machines in the Commonwealth would save the horse-racing industry, spur economic development, and reduce property taxes. So how is it doing?

In a Patriot News editorial on Sunday, the author wonders, along with many Pennsylvanians, whether property tax relief is on its way, or whether they have been caught in a “legal charade”.

“Perhaps worst of all, the downtrodden taxpayer has been reduced to irrelevancy by an elaborate legal charade.”

“Past history suggests that gaming is not a reliable source of revenues, one consequence of which is that states tend to respond by expanding the range of gaming options in hopes of maintaining the revenues to which they have become accustomed.”

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