shady shapiro

Tell Shapiro to Stop the Secrecy!

Gov. Josh Shapiro and his administration are actively working to reduce transparency and hide shady accounting gimmicks from the citizens of Pennsylvania. In his first year as governor, Shapiro has refused to share his daily schedule, removed contact information from public websites, and ignored state laws to shortchange the Rainy Day Fund.

It’s time for our governor to stop hiding and focus on finishing the overdue 2023–24 state budget. Send a message to Shapiro now.

Shapiro’s Shady Actions

  • Shapiro required his transition team and inauguration team to sign a nondisclosure agreement barring them from publicly discussing their activities.
  • Unlike his predecessors, Shapiro refused to disclose donors to the nonprofit organizations set up for his inauguration party and transition team.
  • Shapiro exploited loopholes in campaign finance laws. The governor used campaign funds to attend a sold-out Sixers game with one of his largest campaign donors. He circumvented requirements to disclose the cost of the tickets or who paid for the tickets.
  • Unlike his Democrat predecessor, Tom Wolf, Shapiro does not make his daily calendar available to the public.
  • After campaigning on more education options for families, our governor line-item vetoed Lifeline Scholarships, referred to as the Pennsylvania Award for Student Success (PASS), the very program he pledged to support and the top budget priority of the state Senate, creating a months-long budget stalemate.
  • The Shapiro administration removed an online database of state employee emails, claiming they posed a cyber security risk.
  • The governor refused to release a state-maintained database of certified police officers. The request came from a national coalition of newsrooms seeking more information to help hold law enforcement accountable.
  • Shapiro unilaterally canceled a multi-million dollar, 27-year-old contract with Real Alternatives to fund 83 social service centers across the state..
  • Shapiro negotiated in secret with one of his largest campaign contributors on new labor union contracts with a 22 percent salary increase.
  • For five months, the governor kept his “Climate Change Working Group” completely secret. The group met privately, without keeping public minutes, then at the end of September, Shapiro released the names of the working group members along with an inconclusive four-page memo.
  • In September, the governor moved to circumvent the law and undermine the Pennsylvania Constitution by shortchanging the commonwealth’s Rainy Day Fund. Instead of transferring the approximately $900 million required by existing law, Secretary of the Budget Uri Monson announced he will only transfer $412 million.
  • Two days before Thanksgiving, Gov. Shapiro announced he will use taxpayer resources to fight for a carbon tax (known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) in court. The carbon tax will cost Pennsylvanians an estimated $800 million in electricity bills and undermine the reliability of our electrical grid. Shapiro is quietly embracing his predecessor’s radical policy. About one year earlier Shapiro told voters, “I have real concerns about the impact [RGGI] will have on consumer prices, hurting families.”