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Gov. Shapiro Reaffirms Support for School Choice, Lifeline Scholarships

HARRISBURG, Pa., June 23, 2023 – Today, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro proclaimed his support for school choice in an interview on Fox News. Appearing on America’s Newsroom with Dana Perino, Gov. Shapiro backed expanding school choice. 

Gov. Shapiro contended that all children deserve the opportunities that school choice programs—like Lifeline Scholarships—provide. According to Shapiro: 

I believe every child of God deserves a shot here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And one of the best ways we can guarantee their success is making sure that every child has a quality education. 

I’ve been very clear that I’m open to [school choice] … We’ve got to invest more in our children, not less. I want to make sure we give, as I’ve said, every child of God an opportunity to be successful. I think education is key to that.

Watch the full clip here:

The Commonwealth Foundation is encouraged by Gov. Shapiro’s continued willingness to support school choice and Lifeline Scholarships. School choice programs like these help Pennsylvania families escape failing schools, improve children’s academic performance, and lead to better educational outcomes. 

If you would like to learn more about Lifeline Scholarships, Pennsylvania’s budget process, or the stories of families impacted by school choice, don’t hesitate to reach out. Commonwealth Foundation’s Senior Vice President Nathan Benefield, Vice President Stephen Bloom, and Fellow Guy Ciarrocchi are all available for comment and/or interviews. Contact: Christian Stellakis by email [email protected] or phone (315) 720-356.


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