250,000 kids in Pennsylvania are trapped in chronically failing public schools. It could take decades or longer to turn these schools around. The lives and futures of these children are at stake. They need Lifeline/P.A.S.S. Scholarships NOW!

Our kids deserve better. They deserve more educational options. Parents with children in failing schools are sending out an SOS: Save Our STUDENTS!

Schools are buildings. Students are people. They are who we must focus on saving.

Pennsylvania parents are demanding educational options like Lifeline Scholarships, or what’s known as the Pennsylvania Award for Student Success (PASS) program. The Senate already passed funding for Lifeline/PASS. But House Democrats, led by Rep. Matt Bradford, undermined Governor Shapiro’s bipartisan budget deal, and are holding these kids’ future hostage

Send a message to your lawmakers now. Demand they Save Our Students!

To ensure lawmakers listen to the SOS so many Pennsylvania parents are sending, we’re also collecting school choice stories. Our elected officials need to hear the stories of those who have benefited from school choice and those facing challenges from being denied options.

Share your school choice success story with us here.