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Shapiro’s First Six Months Least Productive Legislatively in 50 Years


  • An analysis by the Commonwealth Foundation of bills signed reveals Gov. Josh Shapiro’s first six months were the least productive of any gubernatorial term in at least 50 years.
    • The analysis compares the number of General Legislation Acts and Appropriations Acts enacted by the end of July, in the first year of each gubernatorial term dating back to 1975.
    • Through the end of July 2023, only 15 bills reached Shapiro’s desk. This contrasts with an average of 86 bills enacted in the same time frame in the previous 12 terms.


  • In terms of general legislation only, excluding appropriation bills, Shapiro’s six new laws signed are by far the fewest. Even former Gov. Ed Rendell (2003) signed nearly triple as many General Acts in the first six months of his extremely contentious first year.
  • Like Shapiro, most of the other governors had to deal with divided government; and this is the seventh such term where the House majority is three seats or fewer.
  • Nonetheless, the current dysfunction in the Pennsylvania House under Democratic leadership is unique. The 45 scheduled voting session days scheduled (31 days so far, and another 14 scheduled) would represent the fewest of any session since 1964—and the fewest ever held under the current state constitution, according to the Pennsylvania Manual.