Education Spending Poll

Pennsylvania voters have a lot to learn about state education spending. And when they’re informed, they rightfully hold schools to a high standard. Here’s what recent polling showed:

1. Most voters lowball state education spending.

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2. Voters think Pennsylvania spends a lot less per student than we actually do.

Ed Spending Poll 2

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3. Almost everyone thinks teachers make less than they are actually paid.

Ed Spending Poll 3

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4. Most voters are surprised at how much more Pennsylvania spends than the national average.

Ed Spending Poll 4

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5. Voters don’t go easy when asked to grade our schools’ performance.

Ed Spending Poll 5

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6. Take more from our pocketbooks? No thanks, say voters.

Ed Spending Poll 6

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The survey, conducted by national polling firm The Tarrance Group from August 18-20, questioned 600 Pennsylvania registered voters on their knowledge of state education spending and performance levels.