School Ranking

How would you grade the quality of Pennsylvania’s K-12 school system
A: 4%
B: 22%
c: 40%
D: 14%
F: 10%

Voters believe PA spends far less on public education than it does, with a plurality thinking that $22,000 per student annually is too much.

The commonwealth of Pennsylvania spends $22,000 annually per student on education. Do you believe the amount is:
Too high: 45%
About right: 37%
Too low: 18%

Pennsylvanians strongly favor educational freedom in the Commonwealth.

Would you support or oppose giving every child in Pennsylvania the ability to attend the public school that best fits their needs?
Total support: 70%
Total oppose: 22%

That includes overwhelming support for tax credit scholarships and Lifeline Scholarships.

Support for tax credit scholarships
Total support: 80%
Total oppose: 20%
Support for Lifeline Scholarships
Total support: 77%
Total oppose: 23%

And only 1-in-5 would send their kid to a district school if costs were no concern.