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Get Involved to Expand Educational Opportunities for Your Child

Why Should I Get Involved?

School choice allows families to choose the type of education that is best for each child. Despite the name, school choice is NOT about schools – it’s about kids and families.  

Each child deserves to have their individual needs met. Sometimes that means a public school is the best option, but other times students need another option. That’s where school choice programs come in. They allow parents to choose the educational setting that is the best fit for their family.  

It’s important for lawmakers to hear from families about how schools –public, private, charter, or homeschool—are meeting kids’ needs. Sharing your family’s story can help legislators understand the problems so that they can begin to find solutions that will ensure an appropriate education that will meet the needs of every child in Pennsylvania. 

How Can I Get Involved?

There are many ways to spread the word about the importance of school choice! Whether you’re an advocate, skeptic, or just curious, check out the ways YOU can learn more and help to spread awareness and excitement about the importance of school choice in the lives of children across PA. 

  1. Mark your calendars now in anticipation of celebrating National School Choice Week from Jan 21-27, 2024. 
  1. Listen, like, and share the School Choice Report podcast with David Hardy.  
  1. Share your story with us!   
  1. Take 1 minute to send an email to your state representative to let them know why school choice is important to you and your family.  
  1. Talk to your school’s principal about inviting your state representative to tour your child’s school.  When legislators get an up-close look at schools, they will usually advocate for increased funding for scholarship opportunities. 

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