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Episode 3: Join host David Osborne and guest Christian Barnard (Assistant Director of Education Reform at Reason Foundation) as they delve into the intricate dynamics behind the stagnant teacher salaries despite soaring investments in education. In this thought-provoking podcast, they dissect the complexities of benefit costs, labor policies, and union subsidies that divert crucial funds away from instructional salaries.

Through insightful discussions, they shed light on how addressing these systemic issues could pave the way for a much-needed reevaluation of teacher compensation. Later in the episode, the focus shifts to the challenges faced by teacher unions in advocating for fair wages, exploring topics such as incentives, compensation structures, and the fiscal impact of pension obligations. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the forces shaping teacher salaries and the path towards meaningful change in education.

Episode 2: In this episode of Disunion: The Government Union Report, host David Osborne interviews a physical education teacher John Grande.

Mr. Grande has been a teacher for 36 years. After expressing frustration with mandatory diversity training, he was disciplined by his employer. He has now filed a lawsuit arguing his First Amendment rights were violated when he faced disciplinary action for answering a question during the training.

In this episode, we touch on the issues of union leadership, political activism, teachers’ rights, and contract negotiations. So tune in, get informed, and let us know what you think!

Episode 1 Premier: How did teachers’ unions morph from representing teachers’ needs to some of the largest special interest and politically active organizations in our country?

In the series premier of Disunion: The Government Union Report, join host David Osborne and guest Professor Michael Hartney as they dive into an enlightening discussion on the frameworks in place that subsidize the power and influence of teachers’ unions – enabling them to become dominant forces in educational policy and politics.

Intro: Join host and Commonwealth Foundation Senior Fellow for Labor Policy David R. Osborne as we dive into discussions of the positive public policies that would clear up what has become the murky world of government unions.