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Harrisburg Democrats should push past partisanship and approve Lifeline Scholarships

Originally published at The Philadelphia Inquirer

It takes guts to do what State Sen. Anthony H. Williams did.

During a recent state Senate Education Committee meeting, Williams delivered a fiery sermon about the sad state of affairs in his district’s public schools, sharing the frustrated pleas of parents seeking better opportunities for their kids.

Williams’ testimony was in support of Senate Bill 795. This bill, sponsored by school choice champion State Sen. Judy Ward, will codify Lifeline Scholarships, referred to as the Pennsylvania Award for Student Success, or PASS, Scholarship Program, into law. If approved, SB 795 will provide scholarship accounts to thousands of students in Pennsylvania’s lowest-performing schools. Parents can use these restricted-use accounts to afford a better education for their children.

Williams, a Philadelphia Democrat, was the only member of his party to vote for SB 795.

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