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Before fixing college, Gov. Shapiro should fix Pennsylvania’s failing K–12 system

Originally published at The Patriot-News

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro finally revealed his 2024 New Year’s resolution: overhaul college in the commonwealth. However, here’s the big question: Can he turn good intentions into delivered promises that solve problems?

As the governor prepares his vision for the 2024–25 state budget, he should reflect on what he resolved compared to what transpired during his 2023–24 budget fiasco.

Unsurprisingly, Shapiro is eager to turn the page on that rocky first year in office, mired by a budget standoff he triggered. The 2023–24 budget stalemate began with Shapiro’s inability to deliver his promise to enact the Lifeline Scholarship Program, also known as the Pennsylvania Award for Student Success (PASS).

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