national power grid

A Federal Power Grid Would be Everyone’s Worst Nightmare

Originally published at the Delaware Valley Journal

When a cold snap in December 2022 caused widespread power outages, central planners eagerly called upon the federal government to play a larger role in our power grids to minimize deadly blackouts.

The left-wing Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) dubbed the United States the only country “without a plan.” The electric system’s “fragmented planning framework is highly problematic because the power grid is under growing stress from climate change-related extreme weather,” claimed RMI.

Reuters published a lengthy special report about a “creaky grid” hampering wind and solar energy. The piece lamented how the federal government “lacks the authority to push through the massive grid expansion and modernization needed to withstand wilder weather and accommodate EVs and renewable power.” Furthermore, the article described the U.S. grid as “a Byzantine web of local, state, and regional regulators.”

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