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Pennsylvania exports a lot — especially bad political leadership

Originally published at Broad + Liberty

As the nation’s sixth-largest manufacturing state, Pennsylvania exports a lot of things — from food and pharma to energy and defense. Unfortunately, as Gov. Josh Shapiro and Sen. John Fetterman take the stage at Democrat political conventions across the United States, the Keystone State is also exporting bad ideas and even worse political leaders.

At a convention for the New Hampshire Democrats last month, Shapiro bragged about having a GSD attitude, an abbreviation for “getting sh*t done.”

Meanwhile, it’s unclear what the governor gets done because his list of incomplete tasks grows by the day. Pennsylvania’s budget impasse continues. Shapiro’s campaign promises — namely, passing Lifeline Scholarships, also known as the Pennsylvania Award for Student Success (PASS), and increasing Level Up funding—are in limbo. Finally, his administration is failing to protect the women on his team from sexual harassment.

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