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The nation is watching Gov. Shapiro; he should lead on educational freedom in Pennsylvania

Originally published at The Patriot-News

The state has a public education system with students trapped in failing schools. The governor wants to create the school choice funding they need to escape these schools. However, the governor’s own party in the state House refuses to pass such a proposal despite its popularity, resulting in a legislative stalemate.

For Pennsylvanians, this story is familiar. But it’s also familiar to Texans. There are striking similarities between Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and their struggles to pass their education agendas into law—but one huge difference is their approach to leadership.

Just like Shapiro, Abbott endorsed educational freedom throughout his political career. Abbott publicly stated school choice is his top legislative priority, even declaring it an “emergency item” in his 2023 State of the State address.

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