shapiro i-95

Forget I-95, Gov. Shapiro should slash the bureaucracy for everybody

Originally published at The Philadelphia Inquirer

Gov. Josh Shapiro’s PR people clearly have a new strategy. After the barrage of negative headlines questioning his effectiveness as a politician — after threatening to veto his own priority on Lifeline Scholarships and causing the current budget impasse — they are refocusing attention firmly on his triumphs, namely reopening I-95.

Shapiro did a fine job on I-95. We know because he won’t stop telling us. His most recent victory lap came via a Washington Post op-ed seeking to burnish his reputation as a strong leader and claiming he “slashed bureaucracy.”

But the PR strategy backfired when the executive director of Shapiro’s Advisory Commission for Next Generation Engagement made a cringe-worthy video of herself putting on makeup while extolling the virtues and accomplishments of her boss.

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