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By keeping his promises, Shapiro can help Pennsylvania lead the nation

Originally published in The Morning Call

The recent national debt limit boondoggle that occupied Congress and President Biden is a valuable lesson for what not to do in government. This manufactured “crisis” is the inevitable result of decades of federal lawmakers overspending budgets, passing the buck and driving the nation to the cliff’s edge of financial ruin.

As expected, lawmakers on Capitol Hill kicked the can down the road by suspending the debt limit for two years and still have no plan to balance the federal budget or reduce debt in our lifetimes.

While it has its own problems, Pennsylvania’s state government has yet to devolve to this level of dysfunction. Gov. Josh Shapiro now bears the responsibility of preserving that. More importantly, by keeping his campaign promises, Shapiro can put the Keystone State on a path to show the nation what bipartisan leadership can achieve.

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