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Gov. Shapiro, Choose School Choice Over Union Power Grabs

Originally published at The American Spectator

Pennsylvania’s government unions are reaping the benefits of their political donations, further inflating the costs of collective bargaining agreements — at taxpayers’ expense.

Government union PACs spent more than $20 million in Pennsylvania during the 2021–22 election cycle. More than 92 percent of those contributions went to Democratic candidates and causes. The money helped Democrats gain a majority in the state’s House of Representatives for the first time in 12 years.

House Democrats, plus one lone Republican, have now fbacked the top priority of union executives. House Bill 950, a proposed constitutional amendment that would impose union mandates on employees who do not necessarily share the political agenda of union leaders, passed 102 to 99 on May 3. The bill takes its inspiration from a law out of Illinois that prohibits elected officials from advancing right-to-work initiatives that safeguard First Amendment rights.

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