pennsylvania natural gas

Will Pennsylvania’s Governor See the Light on Energy or Follow Biden’s Lead?

Originally published in National Review

Pennsylvania ranks among the leading energy producers in the nation and is our country’s No. 1 exporter of electricity. But radical environmentalists and President Biden’s Green New Deal policies threaten energy production — and our nation’s prosperity and energy independence.

Over the past few weeks, Pennsylvanians were hit with the announced July closure of the state’s largest coal-fired power plant, likely with more closures on the way, and the cancellation of a billion-dollar natural-gas power-generation plant. Overregulation no doubt played a role in the former, and, clearly, permitting hang-ups led to the cancellation of the latter — as the company had been waiting for years on appeals filed by environmentalist groups.

This radical green agenda is taking a toll on consumers and threatens the reliability of the nation’s electric grid.

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