voter id pennsylvania

Dems are determined to stop voter ID, even if it comes at the expense of their top legislative goal

Originally published at City & State PA

For two months, Democrats and left-wing activists stonewalled the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to prevent a vote on the voter ID and regulatory review constitutional amendments – keeping these measures from going before voters in May. Mark Rozzi, the former Speaker, refused to let session begin – going so far as locking representatives out of the House chamber – until the Democrats gained a clear majority. 

This inaction not only prevented voter ID and legislative review of regulations from going before voters but also kept an amendment – supported by Rozzi – that would have provided legal relief for victims of childhood sexual abuse from making the May primary ballot. 

The purpose of these delay tactics is clear. Preventing the voter identification and regulatory review amendments is the top priority of House Democrats, even if it comes at the expense of doing their job or supporting popular, bipartisan legislation. 

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