pennsylvania constitutional amendments

No single person should have unchecked authority in Pennsylvania government

Originally published in The Bucks County Courier Times

The Pennsylvania Senate recently passed Senate Bill 1, which moves three proposed constitutional amendments closer to the ballot. Before Pennsylvanians can vote on the amendments, the proposals must pass the State House of Representatives. 

But Democratic leadership and Speaker of the House Mark Rozzi are trying to keep a House vote from ever happening — effectually denying Pennsylvanians their voice. 

Lawmakers owe their constituents the opportunity to vote on the amendments. One of these — initially sponsored by Sen. Ryan Aument, R-36 — would give the General Assembly the ability to review and reject a proposed regulation with a majority vote. This amendment would prevent one government official or unelected bureaucrats from unilaterally enacting sweeping regulation without the consent of the people’s elected representatives. 

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