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Key to PA’s Success Isn’t More Bureaucracy – It’s More Business Innovation

Originally published at RealClearPennsylvania

Pennsylvania brims with natural resources and human talent – but for the past eight years, the state’s heavy regulatory hand has often restrained opportunities for innovation. With a new gubernatorial administration and state legislature, including a newly elected Speaker of the House who has pledged to lead as an Independent, Pennsylvania has a choice to make: embrace its potential as a leader of the Northeast, or allow more bureaucracy to crush it.

Our commonwealth can change course and move toward innovation and opportunity. To do so, our elected officials must look to entrepreneurs and community leaders who are already leading the way.

Consider CNX Resources Corporation, a Canonsburg-based Marcellus and Utica Shale producer led by CEO Nick DeIuliis. CNX produces lower-cost, lower-emission natural gas by employing a new wave of innovative technologies. But the real value for Pennsylvanians comes from CNX’s Appalachia First vision, which outlines how the resources within Pennsylvania and Appalachia can be harnessed to deliver affordable energy – and then reinvested into local communities.

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