pennsylvania cyber charter schools

Well-Funded Opponents of School Choice Target Pennsylvania Cyber Charters

Originally published at Heartland Daily News

Cyber charter schools that made a smooth transition possible for Pennsylvania students in search of quality online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic are under assault from well-financed opponents of education choice for lower-income children.

A Harrisburg-based outfit called Education Voters of Pennsylvania has circulated a series of news articles and reports taking aim at cyber charters, with much of its ire focused on the Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), the state’s largest public cyber school. The group has repeatedly called for a state audit of the academy and accused the school of misusing taxpayer funds for events such as field trips.

Susan Spicka, executive director of Education Voters of PA, claims in a blog “school districts are starving” while cyber charter schools are “awash in excess tax money.”

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